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Smokey Boys "Butt Rub":

When you can't get the real stuff from the Smokey Boys, All you need is our Famous "Butt Rub" and you're half way home to the most delicious Pulled Pork you've ever had!   Best Results:  Rub your Boston Butt or Pork Shoulder, Wrap it in Plastic Wrap and refrigerate for 24 hours. Place in your smoker at 220 Degrees for 10-12 hours until the Bone Pulls out Easily. We prefer Hickory, but use the wood of your choice. (Don't have a smoker, try it in your oven with a smoking bag & you'll be pleasantly suprised).


Smokey Boys "Brisket Rub":

To ensure your Brisket meets the Smokey Boys Standard, the first step is our Brisket Rub. Marinate for at least 24 hours and place in your smoker at 190 degrees for 12-14 hours. (Tip; Choose a fatty cut of Brisket & smoke with the Fatty side up. For extra Juicy Brisket, make a tin-foil boat for the meat to smoke in its juices.) We prefer Mesquite in our smoker for that Texas Taste!


Smokey Boys "Chicks Dig It" Rub: 

Everyone of our Chicks get rubbed the right way and you dig in when they're done. But if you can't score your Chick at Smokey Boys BBQ, well you can treat her right at your place. Rub it in, Smoke it and taste the goodness with your favorite sauce. Great on turkey or chicken.


Carolina Wow-eee Sauce: 

A Tangy vinegar based bbq sauce goes best with our pulled pork for the best Carolina Style BBQ Pork you'll ever have. Sold by the Pint. Be Sure to Pick up enough for your BBQ. Our Best Seller!


BBQ Brisket Sauce:

Our special blend of sauces makes this a perfect pairing for smoked brisket when rubbed the right way (with Smokey Boys Brisket Rub ... Of Course). This Smokey Blend goes great with everything BBQ!


Carolina Mustard Sauce:

Our customers put this on everything from Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken and even our Lil' Smokey Tenders. 


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